Who We Are

American Collectors Mint is a leading national Commemorative Coin and Medallion company praised for its outstanding customer service and competitive pricing.

What We Sell

Offering the widest collection of Commemorative Coins recognized by nations across the globe, we provide a diverse inventory of coins that is virtually unlimited. Each coin is crafted with an aesthetic excellence matched only by its attention to detail value.

For millennia, collectors have sought coins for their aesthetic beauty and commemorative attributes in addition to their monetary value. More than just money, quality coins are also a work of art. Not only do well-crafted coins possess excellence in design, not only do they commemorate the people and events that have shaped history, they also symbolize the virtues of freedom, privacy, and financial independence. American Collectors Mint is proud to perpetuate these values by providing the rare products that, in essence, embody the attributes of wealth.


American Collectors Mint has earned the trust of customers worldwide through its consistent and superior quality of products and service. Take a look at the craftsmanship of our coins and give us a call to get a feel for our customer service. Perhaps you will see how our customer loyalty has been earned through our dedication to each and every collector.